The Society of Australian Punk (SOAP) is established to be a non-profit organisation whose purpose is: 

  • To represent, showcase, promote and celebrate the research and preservation of Australian punk subculture.

  • To promote the advancement of Australian punk subculture through recognition of the contribution that it has made to contemporary and historical cultural heritage.

  • To facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the local, national and international punk community, historians, researchers and museums, through the transfer and exchange of skills, ideas, archives, artefacts and information.

  • To support the creation and maintenance of digital and physical archives consisting of historical punk material such as photos, music, interviews, footage, flyers, fanzines, letters, clothing and other such punk-related artefacts.

  • To support community involvement in the preservation and exhibition of Australian punk subculture and encourage equity, access and representation.

  • To support the ethos of punk as a politically motivated subculture, with its roots in self-governance and a strong belief in the ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) attitude, and to also support projects that are compatible with this ethos.

  • To act as a supporting organisation or auspice for projects and groups that meet the aims of SOAP.

  • To support and auspice philanthropic, charitable and fundraising activities that are compatible with the SOAP ethos).